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Associate Program


The Associate program is intended for persons seriously committed to an on-going spiritual renewal with a desire to live a fuller, deeper and more personal commitment to Christ. The program provides a person with the opportunity to share in the charism of the Sisters of St. Chretienne, in their prayer and in their mission to manifest the tender love and mercy of the Father.

Definition of an Associate:

An Associate is a Christian woman or man in any walk of life whose heart is moved by the charism of the Sisters of St. Chretienne. This person willingly enters into an agreement to share in this charism, in the spirituality and the mission of the Congregation while maintaining his/her present life style.

Criteria for Membership:

  • To strive to live out the charism and mission of St. Chretienne.

  • To develop one’s spiritual life by fidelity to daily prayer and Scripture and by taking advantage of opportunities offered by the Congregation to this end.

  • To participate in monthly Associate meetings in their local area, days of recollection and one weekend retreat.



  • To pray daily for the Sisters of St. Chretienne and for their ministries, especially for our African Sisters and their works for the poor, the sick and for the children they serve.
  • To minister in the spirit of the Congregation to those in need within one’s own family, parish community and the community-at-large.




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