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African Missions

Our Sisters in Central Africa are in Kigali, Butare, Bungwe and Runaba in Rwanda. They are also in Ngara in Tanznia and in Buturande and Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We first came to Rwanda in 1970, in DRC in 1992 and in Tanzania since 2005.

Some of these countries are often in turmoil and dissension due to tribal warfare and greed. We attempt to bring our charism of “unity in diversity.” We live in community, Sisters of different nationalities and different tribes, because the Love of Christ can unite us.

In both Rwanda and the DRC we direct and work in health centers to foster better health, nutrition and birthing. The Sisters do pastoral work and teach in a variety of schools. In the DRC we are also building an “Ecole Ste Chrétienne” with a pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school. Some of our young African Sisters are studying to prepare for a variety of ministries among the poor and in service to their region.

In 2005 we founded anew mission in Ngara, Tanzania, which is our first mission in an African country where the second language is English. Our Sisters noticed the great needs of the “street children.” Consequently they opened Nazareth Center, a shelter for homeless boys. They care for them in every way and pay their tuition to send them to area schools. Presently there are thirty boys from six to fifteen. We are in the process of building a new dormitory for girls, adjacent to the Sisters’ convent. These are all God’s very poor children.

The number of African Sisters in the region is growing. There are five Sisters who have recently pronounced final vows and seven who made First Profession. The novitiate in Butare has a good number of postulants and novices. It gives us hope for the future of St. Chrétienne in Africa.


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